Enterprise Benefits

LifeStream MD delivers measurable benefits to your business.

The most valuable resource for your key executives is time. LifeStream MD removes the burdens and worries of finding and arranging for top care for your management team and their families, permitting fewer distractions and allowing them to concentrate on business. Savings to your organization are derived from:

  • Reduced Risk – Your investors, customers, and regulators want to see continuation of successful leadership, with limited risk of incapacity due to medical issues and emergencies. By offering 24/7 professional healthcare support and timely referrals to top specialists, LifeStream MD minimizes this risk for your organization.
  • Cost Savings – Standardizing coverage for all key team members can result in significant savings. Additionally, the potential cost of your executive’s time away from work is minimized. Long-term savings accrue from the likelihood of an executive’s extended career.
  • Increased Productivity – LifeStream MD helps minimize healthcare diversions and disturbances for an executive and his/her family, allowing for a clearer focus on growing and protecting your business.
  • Executive Confidence – The peace of mind provided by LifeStream MD is reflected in the appreciation and loyalty of your key executives and their confidence in knowing their healthcare needs are a top priority.