LifeStream MD provides advice and support for busy families on the go. Our Family Membership includes the following benefits for each covered family member:

  • 24/7 direct access to a LifeStream MD dedicated physician, backed by a team of additional board certified physicians
  • A secure, password-protected digital medical record that can be accessed by the member and physicians at the point of care, anytime, anywhere
  • Personal health advice and focused referrals to the top physicians and hospitals in the US from LifeStream's physician database
  • Access to international medical and security assistance for travel outside the United States
  • Around-the-clock support for children who are at home, at school, or traveling

“My wife and I were not getting to the root of our daughter’s symptoms with her various doctors. Our LifeStream MD physician arranged a thorough evaluation at the Mayo Clinic – where they diagnosed her condition and helped us to find a doctor near her college for ongoing care. We were relieved to have LifeStream MD.”

                     — L.A., Mountain Lakes, NJ