What is LifeStream MD?
LifeStream MD is a medical advisory service that provides exclusive access to world-class doctors, professional health advice and personal medical records anytime, anywhere.

LifeStream MD members and their families have 24/7 telephone access to a LifeStream MD physician who can provide advice and access to the best physicians and hospitals, at home and around the world.

Physicians at the point of care have instant access to secure member medical history and records -- captured from physician and hospital records systems -- maintained and reviewed for accuracy by LifeStream MD physicians.


Who should become a LifeStream MD member?

LifeStream MD members are typically high net worth individuals and families and busy executives seeking the peace of mind of instant medical advice and support from leading physicians in their field. Often our members travel extensively, have great demands on their time, and require a level of service, attention and worldwide access to care that a family physician alone cannot always provide.


How is LifeStream MD different than other healthcare advisory services?

While other services provide nurses or other healthcare “advisors,” LifeStream MD provides each of our members a team of dedicated LifeStream MD physicians who have access to their medical history and are available 24/7 to offer guidance. These physicians are U.S. trained and board certified, and are screened and selected by the experts at LifeStream MD.

We are the only advisory service led by the top physicians in their field and in the nation.

LifeStream MD constructs, edits and maintains a digital database of medical information for all members to provide critical information to facilitate care worldwide.

LifeStream MD provides members access and referrals to a nationwide network of premier physicians and facilities.


LifeStream MD is the only health advisory service that provides members exclusive access to the “Top Doctors” database, helping members to identify appropriate specialists and providing focused referrals to this elite network.


Does LifeStream MD replace my family physician?

LifeStream MD does not replace the member’s primary physician, but augments their care with 24/7, worldwide availability, automated and updated digital medical records, and referrals to top doctors specific for the member’s needs.

We work in concert with your physician and share information to ensure that you and your family have the best medical support and advice available.


I travel overseas extensively. What benefits does LifeStream MD offer while I am abroad?

LifeStream MD physicians provide members access to the premier global team of on-site physicians and facilities – International SOS. With over 6,000 professionals operating in 70 countries, International SOS helps manage health and safety risks of travelers and the global workforce. International SOS deploys all their resources through a fully integrated support infrastructure to provide LifeStream MD members with a safety net for any overseas travel health and security issue.


What medical records does LifeStream MD maintain? And are they secure?

For each member, LifeStream MD maintains a secure digital medical record, instantly available to the member and to physicians at the point of care.

LifeStream MD records are designed by physicians for physicians. They include data collected from physician and hospital record systems, and are reviewed for accuracy by physicians. Data includes personal demographic and contact information, medical and surgical history, physician contact information, family history, allergies, medications, immunizations, laboratory and radiology examination and test history, correspondence from specialists, and advanced directives/living will instructions.

Access to the medical record is user name and password protected, encrypted, and conforms to HIPPA privacy standards.