For busy individuals who seek a higher level of personal health advice and support, LifeStream MD offers:

  • 24/7 direct access to a LifeStream MD dedicated physician, backed by a team of additional board certified physicians
  • A secure, password-protected digital medical record that can be accessed by the member and physicians at the point of care, anytime, anywhere
  • Personal health advice and focused referrals to the top physicians and hospitals in the US from LifeStream's physician database
  • Access to international medical and security assistance for travel outside the United States

β€œIn the airport, I had to sit down five times to catch my breath. I called my LifeStream MD physician. He advised me that my condition could be a blood clot in my lung and suggested that I go to the hospital immediately, and called ahead to ensure that the appropriate care was waiting. My LifeStream MD physician probably saved my life.”

                                 β€” J.J., Southport, CT