Doctor Referrals

Doesnt your family deserve access to the best?

In addition to providing expert advice and support, LifeStream MD physicians can facilitate member access to the exclusive physician database.

LifeStream MD is the only advisory service that can offer focused referrals to this elite network.

LifeStream MD physicians help members identify the right specialists for second opinions/consultations and facilitate referrals and appointments.

LifeStream MD physician referrals are not limited to an insurance company panel, group practice or hospital affiliation, and are unbiased, impartial recommendations, independent of outside interests.

“In Mexico, I did not feel confident in a hotel doctor’s diagnosis and asked her to confirm it with my LifeStream MD physician. My LifeStream MD physician helped her review my web-based medical record and determine the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. My wife and I travel worldwide – it’s comforting to know we have access to such superior care.”
                                   — R.V.P., Stowe, VT